Our invention
" shining a yeast "

The goal of our special process is improved yeast nutrition, an increase in taste stability and a targeted influence on the aroma composition.

the procedure

The aim is to set up for improved yeast nutrition, an increase in the flavour stability of beers and other fermentation-based products and a targeted influence on their flavour composition.

The invention concerns a device (unit), which is suitable for improving yeast nutrition during the fermentation of wort produced from malt, malt substitutes (raw fruit, rice, maize, etc.) or other sugar-containing raw materials, e.g. grapes, and thus optimising any fermentation. With high fatty acid contents (in the case of very cloudy worts), sufficient yeast propagation is achieved via the high supply of fatty acids in the wort. This considerably reduces the aeration of the wort by volume during pitching.

By reducing the volume of wort aeration, the contact time between oxygen and wort is also reduced, which results in less oxidation of the wort and thus better flavour stability of the finished beers.

This means,  that by controlling  the content of fatty acids  in the wort before and during fermentation,  the aroma profile of a beer is also influenced.

This facility allows, to decisively optimise yeast nutrition and thus improve product properties, for example foam and flavour stability, and on the other hand to influence the desired aroma profile of beers. This also applies to wine and other products that are based on fermentation.