Our invention

" shining a hops "

Our special process improves the hop yield considerably. This procedure is unique and gives you the best results.

The test procedure

The innovative goal of the present project lies in the development of a novel process that enables the particularly effective isomerization of alpha acids and the extraction of bitter substances from hops. The worldwide unique selling point of the targeted technology is that alpha acids and bitter substances can be obtained in a highly concentrated form in an external process for the first time - outside of the wort preparation and added separately to the wort or the beer.


Desired functionalities

In the present project, a completely new process for the production of beer is being developed. At the core are two new and innovative solutions that are intended to eliminate the disadvantages of the available state of the art.

Desired target parameters:

  • Process energy, equipment and space savings compared to the prior art.
  • Reduction of raw material loss for hops from 70% to 24%
  • Minimize evaporation of hop acids, hop essential oils and especially hop polyphenols during cooking
  • In this particularly advantageous embodiment, hopping can continue to take place in the wort copper and also in all downstream process steps (whirlpool, fermentation tank, storage tank or pressure tank) -> increased flexibility
    This results in completely new ways of “seasoning” beer after fermentation, for example.
  • Reduction of sediment, solid residues and trub in the beer.
  • Automatic dosing of the extracted hop suspension to wort and beer
  • At least 98% of the solids content of the cooked suspension in the secondary hops
  • Maximum 2% of the solids content of the cooked suspension in the primary hops

the software

Our ComBatch NG is used for this project. The hop calculation tools were newly developed by us. These are constantly being adapted to the scientific knowledge gained.

our partner